The First Legally Compliant KYC Solution on Blockchain

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Whats is Kimlic?
Kimlic is a private blockchain that enables sharing proof of KYC between institutions by permission of individuals.

We imagined an identity blockchain where users can identify themselves online when they need to and at the same time can stay fully anonymous when they want to.


"Identity will be the most valuable commodity for citizens in the future, and it will exist primarily online."

Executive Chairman Google
CRASSH 2013, University of Cambridge

One KYC to rule them all

Kimlic is built for eliminating KYC process. Do it once and never again.

  • Pain Point #1


    GDPR will penaltize banks up to €20 million, or 4% of the worldwide annual revenue of the prior financial year, whichever is higher

    GDPR Enforcement Day: 25th May of 2018

    For more information please visit GDPR Official Site and GDPREU.Org Fines & Penalties

  • Pain Point #2


    "FIs with annual turnover of over $10bn spent $150m in 2017. They expect CDD/KYC expenditure to rise a further 13% over the next 12 months."

    For more information please download Thomson Reuters 2017 Global KYC Surveys Attest to Even Greater Compliance Pain Points survey.

  • Pain Point #3


    Crypto Exchanges facing upcoming regulations that may end up with huge fine and even risk of shutdown.

1 KYC covers all pain points!

Kimlic is developed to comply with EU regulations by letting users manage their own data with privacy of blockchain at its core. With the same breath we aimed to decrease KYC costs dramatically up to 90% on behalf of any institution. — whether you're an individual or a financial institution, you'll make faster, cheaper and more secure onboarding online.

That's our promise.

Kimlic is Proud Member of


The Roadmap



Private Sale Starts
Kimlic IOS App v0.2 Ready for POC
Kimlic API Ready for Closed Beta Testing
Kimlic Blockchain SmartContract V0.2 Ready for POC



POC Starts with Banks Deploy SmartContract
Microsoft Azure for POC
Pre-Sale Starts at 1 May
ICO Starts at 1 June
Token Generation Event
Onboarding Ecommerce Sites



Kimlic Tradeble on Crypto Exchanges
Kimlic Android App Development Starts
Integration with CAs for Cloud Signature
Live on Microsoft Azure Marketplace



Kimlic Mobile SDK Launches First Banking Customer Onboarding Kimlic Dashboard for Businesses V0.1
Kimlic IOS App V0.3



Kimlic Foundation Estasblished
Kimlic Web App Launches for Privacy Management
Kimlic Whitehacking Competition



EID Integration in Europe starts
Kimlic Android App Release



Kimlic Assurance Score Feat. Live
Kimlic Rewarding System Live



Kimlic EID Integration Expands to 10 EU countries
Kimlic ,Android App has Wallet Feature

Kimlic Token Distribution

  • Token Supply: 100 Million KIM ERC-20 Token
  • 50% ICO
  • 15% Founders   Team
  • 15% Reserved for Future Operations
  • 10% Kimlic Reward Pool
  • 5% Bounties & Airdrops
  • 5% Parties & Advisors

Allocation of Funds

  • 40% Research & Development
  • 25% Marketing & Sales
  • 25% Operations
  • 10% Legal

Token Details

Total Supply 100,000,000 ERC-20 tokens
Tokens offered in ICO 50,000,000 tokens
Seed Round 7,500,000 tokens (15% of ICO)
Pre-Sale Round 35,000,00 tokens (70% of ICO )
Public Sale 7,500,000 tokens (15% of ICO)
Bounties & Airdrops 5,000,000 tokens
Base Price 2000 Token / 1 ETH
Currencies Accepted in ETH, BTC
Private Sale Min. Purchase 10 ETH
Private Sale Max. Purchase 500 ETH
Decimal Places 18
Adjustable Yes. All unsold tokens will be burned

Relevant Documents

Slide Deck - Kimlic KYC For Banking



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Kimlic Team

(Alphabetically Ordered)


Alex Zabalotniy

Blockchain Developer & Lead Cryptographer

Alex is a Practical Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience in programming. He has developed programs for large-scale automation systems, critical jet-engine systems, IoT systems, and chip characterization systems. Since 2017 Alex has devoted himself to the Blockchain Technology which he believes will revolutionize our society.


Ben Van Dongen

Head of Business Development, NL

Ben has over 20 years of international experience in Corporate settings as well as technology start-ups, Government and Non-Profits. He masters technology, processes, people, business planning, digital, business development and capital acquisition.


Elif Özlü

Legal Consultant

The founder of Özlü Law Office, Elif Petek Ozlu is a graduate of Marmara University Law School. She is a lawyer of Istanbul Bar Association. Elif is an advisor at national and international level in private law, especially in information, e-commerce, fintech, blockchain, copyrights, trademark, protection of personal data and trade law.


Fernando Paris

Software Architect

Fernando has over 5 Years of experience on Computer Sciences, Software/Systems Architecture and great business / technical management skills.His highlights are over 12 years of e-commerce experience, digital transformation, Lean and agile on adn, business oriented, KPI centered, data/customer centric. He has a great vision for decentralized blockchain apps.


Gökhan Seçkin


Gokhan Seckin is a marketing specialist, a business solution architect, a blockchain enthusiast and the CEO at one of Turkey’s first cryptocurrency startups. His company, Kimlic, focuses on solving the relevant know-your-customer (KYC) issue of all the financial systems, in other words the identification of counterparties.


İbrahim Özdemir

Mobile Application Developer

He is founder of Ratel since 2012. Here are some of the skills of his company: Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Visual Basic * Web Programming: PHP, JSP, Zend Framework 2 * Graphical Programming: OpenGL * Mobile Programming: Java for Android * Development Environment: Eclipse, Matlab, Microsoft Visual Studio


İlker Oğuz


Bringing over 10 years of experience in performance based digital marketing industry, Ilker is working for blockchain projects & dapps. He is also co-founder of Blockchain Solution Provider company - . He stands for Decentralized ID apps will reclaim their rights to the true owners.


Mehmet Davut

Blockchain Developer

In 2013, He founded MDSW to provide software services to entrepreneurs and advertising agencies. He also mastered the blockchain system and developed applications that works in Ethereum and Smart Contract for it.


Murat Nalçacı

Head of Product

He is a senior UI & UX designer with 10 years of vast experience in various fields of design such as game arts, branding ,mobile and web applications. He highly involved in projects with talented teams that create projects for startups , mid-size & cooperate companies. He also have experience working in all stages of a project lifecycle from conception to design, MVP to final product.


Become a New Kid on the "Block"

We are hiring Blockchain Developer, Online Community Manager


(Alphabetically Ordered)


Aleksi Aaltonen

ICO Marketing Advisor

Advisor at Nuvus Blockchain Advisor on ICO marketing, ICO platform and whitepaper.


Arda Kutsal

Media Advisor

Under his leadership, Webrazzi has become the leader positioning. Kutsal as one of the rare names with abundant knowhow on regional and local investments, startups, management, strategies and marketing in internet and digital economy.


Cem Onat Yılmaz

Financial & Funding Advisor

Sam is Co-Founder of BitAngels & Famous Crypto Investor He is focused on early-stage incubation, scouting and investments in projects, working through monetization models, product positioning for blockchain-based apps.


Cem Cagri Donmez, PHD

Investment Advisor

Executive Edu. at MIT. He holds degrees from Turkish Uni. BSc in Physics Engineering and from UK Anglia Ruskin Uni. a PhD on Econophysics. He is the leading expert in Quantitative approach analyser impact measurement and optimization.


Gabriel Zanko

Financial Advisor (Waiting Approval)

Tax Manager for Nokia As Advisor his goal is to help entrepreneurs one side with their Finance Strategy and also how new Technologies can be implemented (ie. AI - Chatbots - WiFi- Blockchain - IOT) to stay on top and ultimately getting growth and steady revenue.


Gavin Knight

Blockchain And Investment Advisor(Waiting Approval)

Gavin is co-founder of Crypto currencies, Decentralized Technology, Decentralized Blockchain Projects are his biggest passion. He is advisor to great blockchain projects He encourages people to join the blockchain revolution.


Mete Varas

Electronic Signature Evangelist

Co-Founder at Tursign A.S. Executive Positions held in -Technology & Information Companies -Enterpreneurial Investments -Consultancy His Specialties: Business Development, Marketing, Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Online Products and Services,.


Mustafa Baltacı

Advisor at Fintech Park

Mustafa Baltacı is a mentor, advisor, executive and enthusiast in financial industry, capital markets and innovative technologies. His recent focus on fintech landscape, products and investments. 


Pınar Emirdağ, PHD

Blockchain Advisor (Waiting Approval)

Pınar had been involved in entrepreneurship as an executive, founder, advisor and Board member: Clearmatics, Complymatic, FintechPark, R3, Hyperledger, Quantave, UK Digital Currency Ass., and Symbiont. She holds a Ph.D in Physics and M. Sc. Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics.


Roberto Capodieci

Fund Advisor and Investor

Founder at Roberto is member of the Nxt foundation, founder of the Blockchain Zoo Association, and creator of the Decentralised Business Network open platform.


Sandris Murins

ICO Investor Advisor (Waiting Approval)

Sandris is Co-founder at Iconiq Lab IconiqLab is an ICO and Token Launch seed fund and accelerator. Iconiqlab source, fund, develop and accelerate the best crypto-currency and blockchain startups to their own ICO.

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