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What is Kimlic?

Kimlic is a mobile application developed on "Private Blockchain" securely. Simplifying daily identification routines is Kimlic's outstanding feature which let's you to less visit offices, less paper-work and saves more time.

Trusted Identity on Blockchain

Kimlic's Blockchain technology serves as a solid provenance for audits and regulatory checks. It provides a reliable source of truth for identity, also secured by cryptographic mechanisms to ensure that data can't be tampered.

Customizable for Regulatory Norms

Kimlic's Blockchain platform is customizable for each country's actual legal framework regarding identity. Kimlic helps financial institutions to comply with regulatory norms globally.

Efficient KYC Onboarding

For KYC onboarding, Kimlic's blockchain platform provides trust on sharing verifiable identity claims and related documents. Therefore Financial Institutions can onboard new customers efficiently. Kimlic breaks admission barriers by providing secure mechanisms to verify digital identity.

Kimlic Mobile App Screens


Business Development

İlker Oğuz

Business Development
Project Manager

Gökhan Seçkin

Project Manager
Blockchain Developer

Mehmet Davut

Blockchain Developer
Elif Özlü Legal Mentor

Elif Özlü

Legal Consultant
Project Manager

Murat Nalçacı

UX Designer
Blockchain Enterprise Architecture

Aşkın Emanet

Enterprise Architecture



Early Access to Kimlic Beta

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